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Experiential Retreat
Rishikesh, India
(December 23-25, 2023

The human mind is the most baffling thing as scientists, yogis and researchers constantly working towards decoding the breath and depth of it. Some say it can be cracked through logic and some say it is beyond logic. This experiential and transformative retreat, based on Yogic philosophy, science and practice, is an opporunity to understand one's emotions, behavior and psychological aspects. Blending frameworks from Yoga, modern day psycholgy, cognition and neuroscience, this retreat is designed to provide a holistic experience.

Packed with insightful discussions, dynamic activities and transforming meditative sessions, this retreat promises to bring the rigor that one has been thirsting for. Happening in a serene and spiritually charged place by the banks of Maa Ganga, the retreat is an opportunity to connect to nature, oneself and the larger purpose of life.

Spirited individuals from vibrant age group of 22-60 years are eligible to participate in the retreat.

Food and accommodation will be provided by the organisers. 


- Frameworks from Indic Wisdom: Yoga -Vedanta

- Tools for harmony at life and work and beating stress

- Insights on health and happiness


- Yogic Practices

- Meditation and Self-reflection

- Guided silence


- Group Discussions

- Ganga Arthi

- Take home practices




Dates: December 23,24,25 2023 (3 Days and 2 nights)

Location: Rishikesh, Himalayas, India

Program Content

Retreat is designed to be a blend of:

~ Introduction to Yoga Darshana through Yogasutra

~ Decoding Indic wisdom through contemporary psychology, 

cognitive science and neurosciences

~ Exploring the causes of stress and ways to counter stress

~ Understanding psychological issues and Yoga-Vedanta as a

solution to them


Other Details

All meals are simple Indian vegetarian cuisine.  

Participants will need to carry only personal belongings and warm

clothing. Everything else for the stay will be provided. 

Comfortable shared room stay will be arranged at the retreat

location (a suitable spritual ashram in Rishikesh). 

Fee : Rs. 3600 per person 

(includes food, accommodation and session offering for 3 days and 2 nights)

Additional Rs. 2000 for optional transportation from and to and Delhi


Adinarayanan and Smrithi Adinarayanan are the founding Gurus of Anaadi Foundation , a socio-spiritual organization dedicated to inspiring young people to lead a self-reliant, sustainable and fulfilling life. The ashram is located near Palani, Tamil Nadu. The programs offered by Anaadi Foundation are aimed at inspiring young people to lead a self-reliant, sustainable and fulfilled life. Anaadi Foundation offers educational programs and conducts active research based on Indian Sciences including Indian Astronomy, Ayurveda, Cognitive-Neurosciences from a Yogic Perspective, and Indic ecology. The programs at Anaadi are woven with scientific, historic and psycho-social insights from the Ithihasa and Purana making the content relatable and relevant to a modern audience. A yogic couple dedicated to well-being of all, Adinarayanan and Smrithi travel all over India and the world offering a variety programs for transformation and unfoldment of individuals. Adinarayanan has spent more than 150 days in mouna tapasya and the offerings at Anaadi are based on the insights derived from these silent retreats.

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