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Indian Knowledge Systems books for Young Learners

Sh. Anand Ranganathan Ji, Author and  researcher, current affairs expert - national news channels, shares his words of appreciation for our books at Pndicherry Lit Fest 2023

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Bhāratīya Vijñāna Praveśa (BVP) Series ~ Set of 6 enriching books

For Ages 10+

It is important for young learners to know that India has been a cradle not only for refined civilizational best-practices but also for numerous scientific developments. Through two streams

of books and accompanying learning resources(3 levels), these books will introduce children to Indic sciences and mathematics in a graded level. This series will help children get acquainted with the contributions of Vedic seers, Patañjali, Vyāsa, Pāṇini, Piṅgala, Kapila, Suśruta, Caraka, Kaṇāda, Gotama, Āryabhaṭa, Vāgbhaṭa, Bhāskarācārya and many more.


The series of books in Integrated Indic Sciences would introduce children to key concepts in Āyurveda, theory and practice of Yoga, Astronomy and Indian calendrical system, salient aspects of culture and heritage, primary tenets of Sāṅkhya, Nyāya and Vaiśeṣika, stories from Itihasa and Purana and Indian frameworks in ecological preservation.

Benifits of cir

The series of books in Bharatiya Ganita would introduce children to concepts, techniques, in speed arithmetics, geometrical constructions and proofs, magic squares, foundational discoveries in planar geometry, mensuration and algebra, math in music & poetry and a fantastic galaxy of Indian puzzles as well.

IKS Primer Series
For Ages 14+ 

Set of in-depth introduction into the scientific frameworks of Ayurveda, Nakshatra Vidya, and Yoga. 


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