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About Us

Anaadi Center for Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives (ATRI )

ATRI Centre is envisioned to create a thriving ecosystem for integrative and trans-disciplinary research, blending indigenous and modern knowledge systems, focusing on innovation in research methods, exploring solutions to research problems that are socially relevant and most importantly creative knowledge dissemination methods for making such high-end sciences available for common-man, bridging the gap between the intelligentsia and grass roots reality, so that both can inform each other making research themes relevant, coherent and practically beneficial. The long-term vision is also to create scientific frameworks that can acknowledge and cite traditional Indian wisdom. Dr. Mala Kapadia, former Professor SP Jain and IKS expert currently heads the center. 


Dr. Mala Kapadia

Director, ATRI

Formerly with Rishihood University and SP Jain

Globally renowned IKS Expert

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  • Building rigor and quality research outcomes in the area of trans-disciplinary research directed towards synthesis of Indic sciences such as Yoga, Siddha, Ayurveda etc., with modern systems like neuroscience, epigenetics, pharmacology, evolutionary biology etc.,

  • Inspire young minds to understand the richness of Indian knowledge systems, contribute to its development and propagate the rich knowledge to the world for collective betterment of global community

  • Steer towards practical problem solving drawing insights from Indic knowledge systems through research outcomes addressing social and economic challenges 

  • Explore and implement appropriate technology interventions in different Indic sciences fields aiming at increased degree of utility and popularity.


Hita-Sukha Ayu
  • Integrating diverse fields such as Medical Sciences and Social Sciences, the HSA Project embodies the holistic nature of the Indian knowledge system. It guides governmental strategies, influences policy decisions, and aspires to ensure future generations live sustainably and in harmony.

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