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Anaadi Goshala

Saving Indian desi cows holds paramount importance due to their unique genetic diversity, cultural significance, and immense ecological contributions. At our Ashram Anaadi Goshala, we recognise the urgency of this endeavour. Our Goshala is not just a sanctuary for these cherished animals, but a center of sustainable innovation. By exploring innovative methods to generate income from cow dung and urine, we tap into nature's resources for organic farming, reducing dependence on harmful chemicals and enhancing soil fertility. Furthermore, there exists a plethora of avenues through which cow products can be harnessed to create a diverse range of cow-based offerings. These encompass an array of items derived from cow dung and urine, including but not limited to organic fertilizers, biogas for energy production, medicinal preparations, natural insect repellents, and sustainable building materials.. Moreover, our commitment extends to the empowerment of local farmers and youth through specialized workshops. Through these workshops, we aim to instill the knowledge and skills necessary to adopt and sustain cows in a compassionate manner. This approach, implemented at a larger scale, not only safeguards the desi cows and their role in maintaining ecological balance but also uplifts communities, preserves traditions, and creates a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.

Contribute Now for Gau Seva

By contributing to Anaadi Goshala, you are not only supporting the preservation of Indian desi cows but also actively participating in the promotion of sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and local communities. Your contribution directly aids in the exploration of innovative methods to generate income from cow dung and urine, enabling the goshala to be a hub of ecological and economic prosperity. Moreover, your support empowers local farmers and youth through educational workshops, creating a ripple effect of knowledge and positive change. Your contribution to Anaadi Goshala is an investment in a harmonious future, where the protection of these sacred animals goes hand in hand with environmental conservation and community development.

Feed 1 cow per month

₹ 3000/-

Feed 1 cow for half year

₹ 24000/-

Feed a cow per quaterly

₹ 12000/-

Feed 1 cow for an year

₹ 48000/-

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