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Conference on Gurukula Education and Bharatiya Shiksha

From July 6 to 7, 2024, Anaadi Foundation is organising  Embracing Tradition, Envisioning the Future:  A Conference on Gurukulam Education and Bharatiya Shiksha  bringing together Gurukulam founders, acharyas, vidyarthis to enable exchange of best practices.

About the Conference

At the core of Bharatiya Tradition, Gurukulams flourished as centers of holistic education. Here, under the guidance of revered gurus, eager disciples embarked on a quest for knowledge that encompassed not only academic subjects but also spiritual wisdom, ethical values, and practical skills essential for harmonious living. In these sacred spaces, sages and scholars guided eager minds on a journey of self-discovery, imparting not just knowledge of the scriptures and sciences but instilling values of dharma, integrity, and service.

The Gurukulam system, with its emphasis on the guru-shishya parampara (teacher-disciple relationship) and experiential learning, remains a timeless beacon of holistic education.

Bharatiya Shiksha comprising of not just the philosophical framework but also rigorous scientific frameworks and rooted in ancient texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads, and epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, embodies the synthesis of spiritual wisdom, ethical conduct, and practical knowledge. It speaks to the interconnectedness of all life, the harmony of existence, and the pursuit of higher truths beyond the material realm.

Objectives and Themes

The purpose of the conference transcends mere discourse;Through scholarly inquiry, practical insights, and spirited dialogue, we seek to explore the relevance of Gurukulam education and Bharatiya Shiksha in the contemporary world. 


  • Bringing together Gurukulams offering a wide-range of Kalas and Vidyas

  • Examining the contemporary relevance and challenges of reviving Gurukulam-style learning environments in modern society.

  • Investigating pedagogical practices, curriculum design, and assessment methods inspired by Gurukulam education and Bharatiya Shiksha.

  • Reflecting on the role of technology in preserving and disseminating traditional knowledge while fostering innovation.

  • Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and community partnerships to advance the cause of holistic education. 

  • Exploring possibilities of creating a common platform to bring Gurukulams together and enable exchange of vidya, vidyarthis and acharyas. 

  • Envisioning the future of education through the lens of Gurukulam principles and Bharatiya Shiksha values.


The conference will feature a dynamic and interactive format comprising:


  • Keynote Addresses 

  • Panel Discussions

  • Workshops

  • Lightning talks

  • Informal interactions

  • Spiritual moments of Guru pooja, Gau Sewa and meditation


To be announced


Anaadi Foundation

Iyvar Malai, North Thathanaickenpatti

Palani, Tamil Nadu

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