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Chaos to Clarity: Talk at IIT Madras

6 September

  • Ended
  • IIT Madras

Available spots


Register at Amidst the bustling complexities of modern life, join us on a journey as we explore the art of transcending chaos and embracing clarity through the pathway of yoga. This talk explores the transformative journey from chaos to clarity through the lens of the yoga pathway to cognitive wellbeing. Integrating ancient wisdom with modern science, it delves into how yoga practices effectively nurture mental health. Highlighting the synergy between mindfulness, breath control, and postures, the talk illuminates how these practices enhance cognitive resilience and emotional balance. It examines the neuroscientific underpinnings of yoga's impact on stress reduction, attention enhancement, and emotional regulation. The talk also elucidates the role of yoga in rewiring neural circuits, fostering neuroplasticity, and promoting the brain's adaptability.Practical insights will be offered for integrating yoga seamlessly into daily routines to cultivate cognitive wellbeing amidst life's complexities. Register at

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