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Bharatiya Vijnana Pravesha Online Camp
(Indian Knowledge Systems)

For Ages 11-14

Batch 1: Apr 27th -May 29th

Every Wed & Sat | 6 pm to 7.30 pm

Anaadi Foundation is happy to announce Bharatiya Vijnana Pravesha Online course to reach more enthusiasts and to impart Bharatiya math and science concepts.

Date: April 27 - May 29
Number of Sessions: 10
Days:  Wed, Sat
Age: 11 - 14 years
Medium of Instruction: English + Sanskrit verses

Online Program on Indian Knowledge Systems covers the below topics based on Level 1 IKS Books of Anaadi
~ Introduction to IKS
~ Ayurveda 🌿
~ Ganita 📐
~ Yoga Theory 🧘🏼‍♂
~ Nakshatra Vidya 🌕
~ Prakriti Vijnana 🏞

Through curated content on Indian Knowledge Systems, The camp will create interest, enthusiasm and pride in  knowing about Bharat and her rich scientific parampara


1. Invocation from Lilavati

2. Indian System of Decimal Place Values

4. Dot Addition Technique

5. Tirthaji's Technique for Subtraction

6. Multiplying by 11

7. Multiplying numbers close to 100 & 10

7. Multiplying numbers close to other bases

8. Bhadraganitam - Magic Squares

9. Vedic Geometry

10. Revision / Buffer


1. Story of Ayurveda

2. The Pañchabhuta

3. Living and Nonliving

4. Indriyas

5. Aşṭanga Yoga

6. Navagrahas

7. Measurement of Time

8. The Rotation of Earth

9. Indian Knowledge Tradition

10. Values for a Happy Life

Different Bharatiya concepts in Ganita and Science are taught in this course 

BVP Learnings

Astanga Yoga

Brain Sciences and Yoga

Values for Healthy Life

About Anaadi and Dharma Gurukulam

The program will happen at Dharma Gurukulam which is Anaadi Foundation's IKS and Sanskrit based Gurukulam started in 2021. Children in the age group of 8-17 from all over Bharat study at Dharma Gurukulam. The ashram premises is home to Dhyanalayam, Gurukulam and Goshala. Well qualified Gurukulam Acharyas trained in Indian Knowledge Systems at top institutions and modern science and technology will offer insightful sessions throughout the camp. 

Shriman Adinarayanan and Matrushree (Ma) Smrithi Adinarayanan are the founding Gurus of Anaadi Foundation which was started in 2015. After spending some time in the software industry and with the intention of living a life that can be of benefit to a larger number of people, especially the youth, they moved to academics. Their sadhana and Shriman Adinarayanan's mouna tapasya inspired them to make the essence of the spiritual parampara of the country available to everyone. They continue to teach at various institutions including IIT-Delhi. After more than a decade of teaching and research experience, the dampati started Anaadi Foundation for loka sangraha and since then they have been reaching out to children, youth and families through their online and in-person programs on Yoga, Ithihasa-Purana and Vedanta blending unique insights from modern science. Being grihasthas and being able to integrate sadhana into their daily life has inspired a lot of grihasthas who visit the ashram.

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