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Matrushree (Maa) Ananthalakshmi
( aka Smrithi Adinarayanan)

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Shriman Adinarayanan and Matrushree (Ma) Smrithi Adinarayanan are the founding Gurus of Anaadi Foundation. Shriman Adinarayanan is a Siddhayogi who has spent more than 250 days in mouna tapasya. The dampatis belong to the spiritual parampara of Mahavatar Kriya Babaji. After a deep spiritual experience (which he later realised as the experience of Samadhi) during his graduate studies in the US, Siddhayogi Shriman Adinarayanan had a strong desire to return to India to dedicate himself to spirituality and serving the society. Since their marriage in 2004, Adinarayanan and Smrithi have been leading a yogic life of simplicity and purpose. After spending some time in the software industry and with the intention of living a life that can be of benefit to a larger number of people, especially the youth, they moved to academics. Their sadhana and Adinarayanan's mouna tapasya inspired them to make the essence of the spiritual parampara of the country available to everyone. They continue to teach at various institutions including IIT-Delhi. After more than a decade of teaching and research experience, the dampati started Anaadi Foundation for loka sangraha and since then they have been reaching out to children, youth and families through their online and in-person programs on Yoga, Ithihasa-Purana and Vedanta blending unique insights from modern science. Being grihasthas and being able to integrate sadhana into their daily life has inspired a lot of grihasthas who visit the ashram.

Leadership Team


Smt. Gomathi
Chief Executive Officer

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Smt. Priyadarshini Muralidharan
Director, Anaadi Global Inc


Dr. Mala Kapadia
Director, Anaadi Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives PI, IKS Project Hita-Sukha Ayu

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Smt. Vineetha Govindasamy
Director, Anaadi Global Inc


Sh. Vidhyashankar
Director, Anaadi Global Inc

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Br. Gurupriya Chaitanya
Pradhana Acharya, Dharma Gurukulam

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Anaadi Foundation
4/84, Iyvar Malai
North Thathanaickenpatti
Palani Taluk
624621 | +919790676160

Located in the foothills on Periya Ivar Malai, North Thathanaickenpatti, Near Palani, Anaadi's 9-acre ashram is a place dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual sadhana, tapasya and intense learning. Ashram life is simple and satvik with principles from Yoga and Ayurveda woven into the schedule and menu. The day begins with Guru vandanam, Yogic Practices, Meditation and chanting. The library at the ashram has a set of carefully chosen books that enhance the spiritual thirst of the sadhakas and many youngsters find it very enriching. The residents at the ashram are technologists and engineers and hence you can find them working intensely on various projects during off-sadhana hours. You can find the ashram teeming with children during the weekends

Anaadi Global Inc

Fremont, California, USA

Anaadi Global Inc Non-Profit was registered in October 2023 in the USA.

Contact: | +1 9258609524 


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