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Siddhayogi Adinarayanan's recording on Yoga Nidra

YoganidraSiddhayogi Adinarayanan
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Yoga Nidra, colloquially known as yogic slumber, embodies both a technique of mindful rest and a state of deep meditation. Envision it as the art of alert repose or sleep with heightened consciousness.

Guided by Siddhayogi Adinarayanan, Yoga Nidra is a meticulously curated journey leading practitioners through expansive realms of consciousness. This voyage allows one to navigate the intricate corridors of the mind, all the while basking in profound serenity. Through eloquent verbal cues, participants are encouraged to skirt the edges of sleep while preserving wakefulness. Siddhayogi Adinarayanan's expertise takes the participant to the early realms of sleep, culminating in a transformative meditative immersion.

The initial phase of Yoga Nidra emphasizes physical awareness and rhythmic breathing, setting the stage for natural relaxation and an exodus from heightened stress states. This translates to a discernible deceleration in brainwave activity, paving the way for the prominence of Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves.

Transitioning further, the emphasis shifts to nurturing mindfulness and fostering emotional harmony. In this sanctuary, there’s a palpable intensification of alpha brain activity, accompanied by increased serotonin secretion. As one's awareness undergoes subtle transitions, dopamine levels surge, potentially by as much as 65%.

Venturing deeper, one encounters enriched alpha and theta wave realms, mirroring the REM phase of sleep.

Conclusively, the mind and body resonate with the restorative rhythms of the delta brain-wave frequency. This rejuvenating domain, acknowledged by experts from The University of Minnesota, permits adept Yoga Nidra practitioners to tap into the profound depths of non-REM delta sleep, all while sustaining an acute sense of inner and outer realms. This delta phase beckons the parasympathetic nervous system, effectively diminishing anxiety and strain.

Empirical studies spotlight the myriad benefits of Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR).

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