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Yoga Dharma Sadhana 

A Residential Program for Direction and Momentum

108 Days of Simplicity, Intensity and Clarity

Jun 03 to Sept 18, 2024

at Anaadi Foundation, Palani

About the Program

The richness of Bharatiya parampara (Indian tradition) inspires people from all over the world. The core aspect of Bharatiya thought and life is Purushartha: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The Purushartha provides a framework to pursue material life and pleasure within the dynamic boundaries of Dharma and keeping the larger purpose of Moksha in focus.
In modern times, leading a life guided by the purushartha can be quite challenging as we get pulled and swayed by various distractions, options and our own doubts. Not only that, after we become adults we seem to be bored with routine life, feel listless, lack the same child-like enthusiasm, frustrated, are always on the edge and start seeking a break or a change. For some, the fulfilment with current life motivates them to explore further. The questions that arise in our mind need deeper answers and a higher inspiration, direction and momentum. This can be recognized as a fundamental spiritual longing. A reboot sometimes becomes necessary.
To be able to gain a solid foundation and conviction in oneself and the Bharatiya thought process three key ingredients may be needed a. environment b. exposure to relevant knowledge c. experimentation and application. Creating the right ambience wherever one is or exploring knowledge by oneself can be difficult without a period of incubation. An ashrama provides the right setting for sadhana, swadhyaya and prayoga as there is dedicated time available, limited distractions and abundant grace and guidance of the gurus.
The immersive stay in the ashram environment sets in an introspective atmosphere spontaneously. The daily chores are simplified to help one declutter the mind, redefine and identify essentials through the process of viveka. Such a process widens one's perspective, sharpens the intellect thereby helping in enhancing one's efficiency and capabilities. The positive rigour of the program, we hope, will inspire the sadhakas to become vibrant people capable of handling complex life situations with ease and comfort and also provide solace and solutions to others' problems. They can emerge as individuals with unique skills through which they can bring transformation wherever they are.
This Yoga Dharma Sadhana program is designed for people looking at enriching the knowledge of the self and parampara. Those having deep quest or a longing to go deep within oneself but limited exposure or unsure of the process will find this program useful.


Dates: Jun 03-Sept 18 2024

Duration: 108 Days

Mode: Residential

Age: 21-50

Qualification: Completion of an undergraduate degree in English medium will be helpful

Selection process: Submit the application form. The interview will be conducted in November 1st week. 

Program outcomes

At the end of the program, the Yoga Dharma sadhakas will develop:

  • Emerge as messengers, leaders, and ambassadors of Yoga and Dharma

  • Become mindful, aware, self-reliant, and socially conscious citizens

  • Gain clarity and discover one's swadharma

  • Gain the capability to lead an energetic life and vibrant action

  • Option of becoming part of Anaadi Foundation and growing inward and outward

Curricular Components


Yoga sadhana will be taken up daily and the intensity will be moderated based on the comfort level of the sadhakas. Over some time, the sadhakas will develop the skills to be able to teach Yogic practices. Exposure to the theory of Yoga through the Yogasutra of Patanjali and other yogic texts will be provided. Regular guided Mouna Sadhana will be undertaken for better assimilation of the practices and shuddhi of the body, mind, and intellect.


For philosophical clarity about oneself and the society, the Yoga Dharma sadhakas will be exposed to various texts from the Bharatiya parampara including Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, selected works of Shri Adi Sankaracharya and Yogasutra of Patanjali.


Yoga Dharma sadhakas will also get numerous opportunities to experiment with yogic practices, vedantic concepts and frameworks. Opportunities will also be provided to apply the concepts through various activities including seva and tapasya.
Sadhakas will also learn simple Pooja Vidhis including Guru Pooja which will assist them in their sadhana.
Sadhakas will get all round exposure to a self-reliant life including simple aspects of ashram management, sustainable agriculture and holistic health.

Daily Routine

Day starts with Agni Kriya Sadhana

6.00-6.30 am Guru Puja
6.30-7.30 am Yoga
7.30-8.30 am Snana and Upahara
8.30-11.30 am Session 1
11.30 am -12.30 pm Bhojana
12.30-1.30 pm Chanting
1.30-3.15 pm Personal time
3.15-5.30 pm Session 2/ Extended Break/Self-Study
5.30 pm Dinner
6.15: Guru pooja and Bhajans
7.00 pm onwards Meditation and Reflection 9.00 pm: Winding down and Nidra

Weekly Activities

~ Shramdan
~ Go Seva
~ Krishi
~ Iyvar hill: trek and dhyana

Monthly Activities

~ Palani Pada Yatra
~ Mouna Sadhana ~ Giri Parikrama

Special Activities

~ Guest lectures by global subject matter experts online and in-person.

Acharyas of the Program

The program has been conceived and designed by Shriman Adinarayanan and Matrushree Smrithi Adinarayanan with the blessings of Mahavatar Kriya Babaji and Shri Adi Sankaracharya. With deep conviction in the parampara, experience through tapasya and simplicity of living, Sh. Adinarayanan and Smt. Smrithi would be delivering the key components of the program. They will also be available to guide the Yoga Dharma sadhakas on various aspects of life. The well-qualified members of Anaadi Foundation will facilitate the various components of the program. Guest lectures will be offered by well-known subject matter experts.


Upon completion of his Masters in Computer Engineering in the US, Shriman Adinarayanan had a deep spiritual experience of samadhi which inspired him to return to India and also immerse himself in exploring various aspects of Yoga and Vedanta. After their marriage, Shriman Adinarayanan and Matrushree Smrithi moved to academics and taught Computer Science, Yoga, Mahabharata and Indian Sciences to engineering students. After more than a decade of teaching and research experience, they started Anaadi Foundation in 2015. The current members of Anaadi Foundation, also known as Anaadi Prana, who are extremely motivated and committed, were their past students in academia.
Sh. Adinarayanan has spent more than 150 days in mouna tapasya and his programs are filled with insights derived from this tapasya. With the divine command of their Guru, the couple design and offer programs to awaken and inspire young people and help them discover their swadharma. They offer courses on inner development, social responsibility and yoga at IIT Delhi. Sh. Adinarayanan is an Adjunct Professor of Practice at NRCVEE - IIT Delhi. Anaadi Foundation's programs for rural students, free monthly health camps, Himalayan yatra and online dharmic programs have excellent participation. In 2019, with the support of patrons and through intense tapasya, a Dhyanalayam was consecrated at the ashram for global well-being. Guided by Purushartha, the members at the ashram lead a life of simplicity, determination, inspiration, empathy and service.


Facilities and Guidelines

~ The ashram is located near Palani in Tamil Nadu about 100 kms from Coimbatore (nearest airport). Located in a scenic rural area right below Periya Iyvar Hill and few kilometers away from the western ghats with a breath-taking view, the ambience is serene and ideal for Sadhana. Draupadi Amman temple with a huge cave is located about 500 mts from the ashram.
~ Simple dorm facilities with a shared bath and toilet is available at the ashram. Satvik, sumptuous vegetarian meals will be offered. All cellular networks work well and for the internet airtel and jio work well.
~ The temperature is between 22-35 degree celcius from January to April. Rest of the year the range is between 25-38 degree celcius. Winter clothing may not be necessary. Blankets and shawls will be sufficient.
~ Sadhakas will get numerous opportunities to meditate in the Kriya Dhyanalayam that is designed to give a deep meditative experience and higher states of consciousness
~ Details of reaching the venue and things to carry will be shared with registered sadhakas


~ Simple and decent dresscode is preferable. Churidhar/Saree for women and Dhoti, kurta-pyjama/tshirt-pant for men is permissible. Shorts or sleeveless clothing is not permissible. If one wishes to adopt a uniform dress, it is quite welcome
~ Limited access to personal phone and personal internet will be allowed
~ The program is designed to be residential and except planned outings as a part of the program, travel may not be permissible.
~ Sessions will happen everyday without any holidays. The panchanga will be followed in designing the daily activities and fornightly off schedules.

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