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Vikasa 2017 Experience

We are one for Vikasa! इदं ते नातपस्काय नाभक्ताय कदाचन। न चाशुश्रूषवे वाच्यं न च मां योऽभ्यसूयति।।18.67।।

This teach­ings may not be impart­ed to the one who has not prac­ticed aus­ter­i­ty, who is not devo­tion­al or has not immersed him­self in devo­tion­al activ­i­ties for the attain­ment of one­ness with Me, or who is not wish­ful of lis­ten­ing, or who finds faults in Me. A remem­brance, a whiff of mem­o­ry, an ever­last­ing desire to be. You stay at the Kriya Yoga Ashram, lis­ten­ing to the teach­ings of your sacred scrip­tures – with a devot­ed and self­less desire to know your­self, to attain one­ness with your eter­nal being. That’s your Vikasa. The gen­tle puffs of morn­ing clouds hang­ing low, sift­ing their hum­ble weight along the sur­face of the waters, the orange of the sky, the grey and green of the rocks, the sin­gu­lar­i­ty of the hori­zon and the waters that it out­lined. The unset­tling rip­ples – like ques­tions, the rem­i­nisce of the morn­ing incense — like a desire that remains long after you’ve felt it. A desire that was seed­ed in you at Vikasa, to find the val­ue and pur­pose of your being with the teach­ings that have been laid down by the great­est mas­ters that the world has seen. The teach­ings that have con­tin­ued to live like eter­ni­ty, per­co­lat­ing through innu­mer­able lay­ers of gen­er­a­tions that have pre­ced­ed us, the log­ic, the rea­son, the belief, and rev­er­ence to the prin­ci­ples recit­ed in our her­itage lit­er­a­ture, the great­est of what the humankind has ever known, or will ever know. Hṛṣīkeśa is the lord of the sens­es. The Vish­nu in us is one, infi­nite and eter­nal. The sens­es that tie us togeth­er into a gar­land hold us into one offered in rev­er­ence to the Ganges. The belief for the com­mon peace and accep­tance rever­ber­ates in us, wait­ing to be passed on to the next gen­er­a­tions, nev­er to be for­got­ten and lost. Hṛṣīkeśa to me is the abode of those sens­es, the har­bor of all faiths that are one, an accep­tance of the eter­nal and undy­ing cycle that we all are a part of – that one who is here is not a body or mind, but a con­scious­ness that nev­er dies, the sense of it, the sheer remark­a­bil­i­ty of it, and the unde­ni­a­bil­i­ty of it so utter­ly crys­tal clear on the waters of Ganges, shim­mer­ing in the light of our lives. The undy­ing waters of the Ganges that have been flow­ing in Hṛṣīkeśa since time immemo­r­i­al sig­ni­fy the beau­ty of this jour­ney, a belief that death is not the end of this beau­ti­ful jour­ney, but a tran­scen­dence and change of vehi­cles. नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावकः। न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः।।2.23।। It is this one­ness that I felt at Vikasa, a sim­ple rein­force­ment that we are all head­ed towards one com­mon goal, the sheer small­ness of our­selves that we tend to ignore, yet nev­er accept. The great­est yogis have spent their phys­i­cal life­times look­ing for the divine one – the mean­ing and pur­pose of this maya – for that sin­gu­lar real­iza­tion of con­scious­ness. It’s impor­tant to real­ize the sanc­ti­ty of this mutu­al jour­ney that we all are a part of, and this one step we all took at Vikasa. Humankind is inher­ent­ly meant to build and inspire, ret­ro­spect and share, love and trust, believe and accept. You may see that our very fun­da­men­tal ele­ments pos­sess these qual­i­ties – of build­ing us with end­less love, self­less­ness and trust. Vikasa taught us that we are all one who have embarked on this jour­ney to go back to where we have all come from with respon­si­bil­i­ties of lov­ing, accept­ing, trust­ing and shar­ing. My hum­ble grat­i­tude to Adi­narayanan ji, Smrithi ji, and Punit ji for the love, trust and belief that they imbibed in us. My grat­i­tude to my fel­low learn­ers who taught me more than books can read sto­ries and sing songs to me. For the moments that’ll remain with us for times to come, for remind­ing us that our cul­ture has more to offer than we have real­ized, more to share than we have received. Thank you for mak­ing us believe that there is an inher­ent good­ness in this world, and that we are one with the Eter­nal Good, the ever­last­ing pow­er that we all are. चिदानन्दरूपः शिवोऽहम् शिवोऽहम्

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