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Ramadevar Siddhar

Ramade­var or Uro­mar­ishi or Yacob Sid­dhar is a great sid­dhar who occu­pies a dis­tinct and sig­nif­i­cant part in the Tamil Sid­dha Med­i­cine Sys­tem for his dis­cov­er­ies in all the spheres of Sid­dha Sci­ence. An emi­nent thinker and live­ly researcher, was well known for his sim­ple usage of Tamil lan­guage to describe extra­or­di­nary con­cepts in Sid­dha Sci­ence. Bog­ar in his biogra­phies about Sid­dhas says, he was born in a Brah­min fam­i­ly. The guru of Ramade­var Sid­dhar is the great Sid­dhar Pulasthi­yar. After enter­ing into the world of Sid­dha sci­ence, Sid­dhar Ramade­var by the dint of his deep med­i­ta­tion tech­niques awak­ened his kun­dali­ni ener­gy. He suc­ceed­ed in bring­ing the ener­gies through the chakras up to the crown and unit­ed with the Divine for long. He attained per­fec­tion in Atta­ma Sid­dhis and said to have per­formed many mir­a­cles called Jaalam in Tamil.

Right from his ear­ly stage, he used to be a devo­tee of Sivashak­thi. He him­self states in his work Ramade­var Vaidya Kaviyam how he was blessed by Yoga-Sak­thi Manon­mani: “Hav­ing real­ized the mag­na­nim­i­ty and great­ness of Guru and hav­ing wor­shiped Sivashak­thi, and hav­ing attained the ben­e­fits there­of, I took upon myself the cel­e­brat­ed state of supreme absorp­tive con­scious­ness knows as san­cara-samad­hi (a deeply absorbed state, in which the Sid­dha moves about freely in space). When I was roam­ing through all the eight direc­tions, I saw a sacred place and real­ized its nada aspects. I was gra­cious­ly endowed with the essen­tial nature of Moth­er Manon­mani. With Her heart full of abound­ing love, She called me to Her side and endowed me with the ever­last­ing truth­ful Jnana. There­upon, I was able to regain my own essen­tial form.”

Ramade­var Sid­dhar lived in the port town of Naga­p­at­ti­nam. Once, he was gift­ed with a Shi­va Lin­ga through the grace of Lord Kasi Vish­wanath, dur­ing one of his vis­its. He invoked the vibrant pres­ence of Kasi Vish­wanath upon the Lin­ga and con­se­crat­ed it at Naga­p­at­ti­nam, where he wor­shiped the Lord dai­ly. At that time, Naga­p­at­ti­nam was a well-known har­bor, fre­quent­ed by Arab mer­chants. These mer­chants invoked in Ramde­var an intense desire to become close to them. With this thought one day he was seat­ed in deep med­i­ta­tion in Naga­p­at­ti­nam; but when he woke up from his med­i­ta­tion he found him­self in the Arab coun­try! He real­ized that he was able to reach that place through san­cara-samad­hi. Though ini­tial­ly he was harassed, Ramade­var was able to win over the con­fi­dence of the Arabs who also insist­ed that he be con­vert­ed to Islam. Even as an Arab he wor­shiped nabi­gal nayagam, the mes­sen­ger of Allah in mec­ca and got his bless­ings and com­piled his works on Sid­dha med­i­cine, Sid­dha Yoga and Sid­dha Jnana philoso­phies. This inci­dent is also not­ed by Bog­ar in his Bog­ar-7000 song:

ஓதவே நபிநாயகர் கூட்டத்தாரகள் உத்தமர்கள் மனம்போலே மனதுவந்து நீதமுடன் மக்கபுரி கோட்டைக் குள்ளே நிஷ்களங்க பக்கிரி யாகோபு தன்னை கோதமுடன் கொண்டு சென்றார் அரண்மனைக்குள் கேறாமல் கொத்துபா ஓதினார்கள் வீதமது பயனறிந்த சித்து தாமும் விடுபட்டு வந்ததொரு யாகோபாச்சே

Being attired in the style of Arabs, Ramade­var (now Jacob) moved freely with the local peo­ple. Some Arabs even became his dis­ci­ples. It is said that Ramade­var lost him­self in samad­hi for 40 years in Mec­ca. Emerg­ing from Samad­hi with the driz­zling efful­gent form and get­ting direc­tive from the great Sid­dha alchemist Bog­ar, he returned to Tamil Nadu from Mec­ca and stayed in Sathura­giri hills and trans­lat­ed his works to Tamil from Ara­bic. In his works, Ramade­var deals a vari­ety of sub­jects: the secrets of Sid­dha sci­ence, the impor­tance of kumb­ha­ka, sig­nif­i­cance of Bee­ja Mantra, the ten ini­ti­a­tions (Dik­sha) and so forth. The word­ings and use of lan­guage in his works enables read­ers to eas­i­ly under­stand about the Sid­dha med­i­cine sys­tem. His works also answers the ques­tion “How to awak­en kun­dali­ni ener­gy and bring it up step-wise?”. He final­ly attained Jee­va Samad­hi at Ala­gar Malai in Madu­rai. It is such a great priv­i­lege that we here have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to present some works of this great sid­dhar.

We begin with Ramade­var song with his instruc­tions on how to attain to the Moth­er Manon­mani.

ஆதியென்ற மணிவிளக்கை யறிய வேணும் அகண்டபரி பூரணத்தைக் காண வேணும் சோதியென்ற துய்யவெளி மார்க்க மெல்லாம் சுகம்பெறவே மணோன்மணியென் னாத்தாள் தன்னை நீதியென்ற பரஞ்சோதி ஆயி பாதம் நிர்குணத்தி நின்றநிலை யாருங் காணார் வேதியென்ற வேதாந்தத் துள்ளே நின்று விளங்குவதும் பூசையிது வீண் போகாதே

The source, the gem of a lamp, must be known The expan­sive com­plete­ness, must be seen All the paths to the lure of the pure space To attain the bliss of my Moth­er Manon­mani The supreme flame, that is right­eous­ness, the feet of Moth­er Stand­ing in a state devoid of gunas, none can grasp Resid­ing in the pyre of Vedan­ta Such is this wor­ship, and it shall not be waste­ful

With a mind devoid of gunas, to wor­ship at the feet of Moth­er Manon­mani is the way to reach the source, the gem of the lamp says Ramade­var. After expound­ing on the Fem­i­nine aspect, Sak­thi- Ramade­var speaks about The One, Sivam, the Supreme Being and how to see Him!

ஒன்றான தொன்றேன்றும் பலவா மென்றும் உள்ளென்றும் புறமென்றும் உளறு வார்கள் ஒன்றான வெளிக்குள்ளே பிரித்து நின்றே ஒத்திருந்த தல்லாமல் மற்றொன் றில்லை ஒன்றான கருவுமொரு கருவு மாச்சு உயர்ந்துநின்ற சத்திசிவ மிரண்டு மாச்சு ஒன்றான மூலமெல்லா மதற்குள் ளாச்சு உத்துநின்று மனமுரைத்தா லென்று காணே

Appears as one and also as many As the with­in and as all that is out­side, they fan­cy! To stand apart from the One, vast space There is noth­ing to exist oth­er than the One! The seed that forged hence became the seed To have risen to become Shak­thi and Shiv­am, indeed! The source that is the One resides in them If only the mind is still, the One is seen

In the fol­low­ing songs, Ramade­var speaks about his works- how he start­ed with the state of Saranaa­gad­hi (done with total sur­ren­der and with the self­less atti­tude) and its impor­tance for Seek­ers and Sad­hakas like us.

பாரப்பா ஆத்தாளைத் தொழுதி றைஞ்சி பரிவான சின்மையத்தின் பாதம் போற்றித் தேரப்பா வாதிகுரு பாதம் போற்றித் தெளிவான நாதாக்கள் பாதம் போற்றி ஆரப்பா யிருநூற்றுப் பதினா றேன்னூல் அனுபோகி யானக்கா லறிவான் சொன்னேன் மாரப்பா மற்றமற்ற நூல்கள் போலே மைந்தனே காட்டாதே மறைத்து வையே

Look! Pray and implore the Moth­er Bow to the divine feet of com­pas­sion­ate and imbued con­scious­ness Grow with­in and bow to the feet of Adi or the pri­mal Guru Bow down to the feet of the great Guru Naths; Plunge into my book of two hun­dred and six­teen If expe­ri­enced, one shall attain. I vouch! Unlike plen­ty oth­er books lying on the out­side Secure this book deep with­in you!

In this edi­tion, we have pre­sent­ed a few gems from the works of Ramade­var Sid­dhar from his tamil texts “Poo­javid­hi” and “Jnanam”. We invite you to con­tem­plate more on these lines and share with us your insights. We also invite you to share with us lines from Sid­dhar Padal­gal that have deeply touched you. You could write to us at

In absorb­ing this, may our abhyasa con­tin­ue, may our shrad­dha in the Sid­dha Parampara strength­en and may rev­e­la­tions awak­en as we grow with­in!

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