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Mahabharatha in Sculptures

The Ramayana and Mahab­hara­ta have been trans­mit­ted across sev­er­al gen­er­a­tions in the form of sto­ries, poems, nar­ra­tives and var­i­ous art forms. Each Indi­an art form, be it Kathakali or Kalamkari paint­ing, has always depict­ed scenes from the Mahab­hara­ta in thor­ough detail often tak­ing one or two impor­tant sequences. Through these art forms, the intri­cate sto­ries and the phi­los­o­phy of the Mahab­harath has stood the test of time. Ofcourse! one can­not ignore the local leg­ends that have been added to the main sto­ry­line. Here are a few stone carv­ings from tem­ples in India and abroad show­ing scenes from the Mahaba­harat. It would be won­der­ful to make a tour of these places to see these beau­ti­ful sculp­tures.


The main pan­el at Maha­balipu­ram shows the descent of the ganges. On a clos­er look one can find the med­i­tat­ing cat, the sto­ry that was nar­rat­ed in the Udyo­ga Par­va by Dury­o­d­hana com­par­ing its cun­ning­ness and hid­den agen­da to Yud­histhi­ra’s atti­tude.




The beau­ti­ful Amriteswara Tem­ple of the Hoysala Peri­od in Kar­nata­ka depicts the comabt between Shi­va (dressed as a hunter) and Arju­na after which Arju­na obtained his Pashu­patas­tra. The nar­ra­tive appears in the Vana Par­va-Kira­ta Par­va


A scene from the war depict­ed in great detail at the Kailasa tem­ple, Ello­ra. Bhish­ma on the bed of arrows at Pat­tadakkal tem­ple, Kar­nata­ka.

Pattadakkal 48small

The fame of the Mahab­harat not only spread through­out India but to oth­er parts of the world, espe­cial­ly Cam­bo­dia, Indone­sia and Thai­land. Their dance forms have var­i­ous scenes from the Mahab­hara­ta. Here are some depic­tions from these places.




Ref­er­ence Sites: ​ https://chan­drashekha­rasand­­tion­Pho­toDi­rectLink-g1676035-d498375-i141007891-Halebidu_Tem­ple-Halebid_Karnataka.htmls‑relief-sculpture-of-characters-from-the-great-Sanskrit-epic

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