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Divine Humor: Swami Rama

Swa­mi Rama nar­rates this per­son­al life event in his book Liv­ing with the Himalayan Mas­ters. On a cer­tain day, he want­ed to know about Maya which is the veil that pre­vents us from per­ceiv­ing the truth.. His Guru promised that the next day they would set out to meet Maya. Excit­ed at the prospect of know­ing about this veil called Maya, Swa­mi Rama accom­pa­nied his Guru. They were walk­ing through the Himalayan forests. All of a sud­den his Guru ran very fast and wrapped him­self around a tree. He shout­ed for help from Swa­mi Rama. Swa­mi Rama ter­ri­fied by this was afraid to go near the tree fear­ing his life. His Guru asked him to pull him away from the tree. Swa­mi Rama tried his best but couldn’t pull his Guru. The Guru said that his body was being caught by the tree and he had to pull it real­ly hard to remove it. Swa­mi Rama thought for a moment and asked “How is this pos­si­ble, the tree trunk has no pow­er to hold you?”. The Guru laughed and said “This is Maya”. Swa­mi Rama learnt his les­son on Maya that day.

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