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Divine Humor: Sadhguru

Divine Humor : Parni­ka Issue 7

As nar­rat­ed by Sad­hgu­ru Jag­gi Vasudev

So right now unfor­tu­nate­ly our approach, what we call as sci­ence has become like this ‘How to use every­thing in the uni­verse for our ben­e­fit?’ If you see a tree… In Amer­i­ca they call it wood. This hap­pened when I was in Mysore, for the first time I con­duct­ed a pro­gram after many, many years and all kinds of peo­ple turned up. My teach­ers from school and col­lege turned up. They want­ed to see what has hap­pened to me. So after I spoke there and we had two-day event and then my Eng­lish teacher came and hugged me and she said, ‘Now I know why you wouldn’t let me teach Robert Frost.’ I said, ‘Why Madam, why would I let you not teach Robert Frost, I like Frost?’ She said, ‘No, do you remem­ber you wouldn’t let me teach Frost?’ Then I remem­bered. One day she came and she opened the book and she intro­duced Robert Frost as a glo­ri­ous poet and then she start­ed off, ‘Woods are love­ly, dark and deep.’ I said, ‘Stop!’ And I said, ‘A man who calls a tree, a wood, I don’t want to lis­ten to him.’ She said, ‘No, no, Robert Frost is a great poet.’ I said, ‘I don’t care how great he is; a man who calls a tree a wood, I will not lis­ten to him.’ I didn’t let her teach. I didn’t let her teach Frost. So after many years she comes up to me and she says, ‘Now I know why you wouldn’t let…’

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