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Murugan is known by various names: Skanda, Kanda, Subramanya, Kartikeya and many more such beautiful names. Born of the intense fire of Shivaperuman, Murugan is the Devasenatipati : the commander of the Devas, ever ready to protect one and all who seek His refuge. Carrying a "Vel" in his hand and with Peacock as his Vahana, he is swift and energetic while answering the calls of His bhaktas. Skanda inspires his devotees to face life's challenges with unwavering determination. The spirit of Murugan is invoked by the cries of Arohara! Arohara! The cry awakenes the dormant jeevatma to the exciting possibilities that lie in the path of Skanda worship. It is said that even the mere contemplation of his form can uplift the soul and lead one towards inner purity and enlightenment. Subramanya is the epitome of divine grace and the embodiment of absolute perfection. This webpage is dedicated to the various facets of Murugan. Kandan Jnana Paramparai highlights the numerous textual works that bring out the speciality of Subramanya. As we immerse ourselves in this Jnana, may Bhakti arise and may His grace shower upon us!  Om Muruga!



Numerous Saints, Munis and Acharyas have composed excellent stotras on Murugan. Of them, Arunagirinathar stands out as a phenomenal contributor who composed more than 16,000 compositions. Here are a few works:



Skanda temples adorn sthalas all over the world. Consecrated through different methods and materials, each sthala offers unique benefits to the Bhaktas. Know about a few sthalas here:

Tithis and Festivals


Everyday is a day of celebration towards Subramanya. Some tithis are super special when it comes to Kanda worship. Here are a few: 

  • Thaipoosam, Jan-Feb

  • Panguni Uthiram

  • Chitra Pournami

  • Vaikasi Visagam

  • Aadi Karthikai

  • Ippasi Shasti

  • Thiru Karthikai

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Purana and Katha


Karthikeya, the war lord and recognised as the nephew of Vishnu, was born for the express purpose of destroying Asuric forces that troubled the positive energies of the Universe. In the dharma-adharma conflict, Skanda leads the army of Dharma on the path of success. These war stories are captured in numerous puranic works and kathas. 

  • Skanda Purana : Sanskrit

  • Skanda Purana: Tamil 

  • Tirumurukātṟuppadai

Siddhas, Saints and Mystics


Siddhas, Saints and Mystics have contributed a lot to making the grace of Murugan available to bhaktas on Bhuloka. Combining Rasayanashastra, Yogabala and Mantras, the Siddhas ensured that the temples sustain their energies for thousands of years. Decoding the techniques of the Siddhas may interest the contemporary bhakta. Saints composed poems and stutis that invoke Bhaktirasa. 

Yantra, Mantra, Tantra

Subramanya is worshipped in diverse forms with Yantras, Mantras and processes. 

  • Vel (spear)

  • Murugan Yantra

  • Murugan Mantras

  • Kavadi


Whether one seeks strength to overcome life's trials, guidance along the spiritual path, or an appreciation of beauty in its purest form, Murugan, in his various avatars, offers solace and inspiration to all who invoke his name. His worship transcends regional boundaries and is celebrated with fervor and devotion across India and beyond.

In the sacred verses of the ancient scriptures and the resonating hymns of devotees, Murugan's glory shines brightly. As we journey deeper into the realm of this divine being, we discover not only a deity but a source of strength, wisdom, and transcendental beauty, ever ready to bestow his blessings upon those who seek his grace.

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