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Gurukula Shiksha Conference

  • Starts 6 Jul
  • From 600 Indian rupees
  • Iyvar Malai, Palani, Tamil Nadu

Available spots


Dates: July 6-7, 2024 Venue: Anaadi Foundation-Dharma Gurukulam Palani, Tamil Nadu Embracing Tradition, Envisioning the Future: A Conference on Gurukula and Bharatiya Shiksha bringing together Gurukulam founders, acharyas and vidyarthis to enable exchange of best practices. The purpose of the conference transcends mere discourse;Through scholarly inquiry, practical insights, and spirited dialogue, we seek to explore the relevance of Gurukulam education and Bharatiya Shiksha in the contemporary world. Themes * Bringing together Gurukulams offering a wide-range of Kalas and Vidyas * Examining the contemporary relevance and challenges of reviving Gurukulam-style learning environments in modern society. * Investigating pedagogical practices, curriculum design, and assessment methods inspired by Gurukulam education and Bharatiya Shiksha. * Reflecting on the role of technology in preserving and disseminating traditional knowledge while fostering innovation. * Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and community partnerships to advance the cause of holistic education. * Exploring possibilities of creating a common platform to bring Gurukulams together and enable exchange of vidya, vidyarthis and acharyas. * Envisioning the future of education through the lens of Gurukulam principles and Bharatiya Shiksha values.

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