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3rd Edition
Experiential Retreat

This experiential and transformative retreat, based on Indic, eastern and global worldviews, is designed to expand one's perspective on diverse aspects of life including personal, professional and societal. Packed with insightful discussions, dynamic activities and transforming meditative sessions, this retreat promises to bring the rigor that one has been thirsting for. Happening in a serene place, close to Yosemite National Park, California, this retreat is an opportunity to connect to nature, oneself and the larger purpose of life.

Spirited individuals from vibrant age group of 22-55 years are eligible to participate in the retreat.



- Frameworks from Indic and Eastern Wisdom

- Tools for harmony at life and work

- Insights on health and happiness


- Yogic Practices

- Meditation and Self-reflection

- Guided silence


- Group Discussions

- Hiking

- Take home practices

Very Berry Blend

With raspberry & beet

Morning Detox

With orange, tumeric & ginger

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