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Decoding the Avaranas of the Sri Yantra

Online Course (4 Sessions) on Sri Yantra 

Online Course (4 Sessions) on Sri Yantra

Dates: July 31, Aug 3,  Aug 7, Aug 10
Time: 7.30-8.30 pm IST
Dakshina: Rs. 600/-


The Sri Yantra is a very significant and deep representation of the universe and the various manifest creations and the unmanifest. Mapped to the various representations of Maa Shakti, the Sri Yantra is an integral part of Shaakta tradition. Sadhana on the Sri Yantra is considered to be extremely sacred and initiated through a disciplined process by a Guru who has realised the meaning and potential of the Yantra.

This course will focus on an intellectual/theoretical understanding of the mystical yantra through a walkthrough of the Bhavonopanishad that describes the various enclosures.


~ Textual reading of the Bhavanopanishad
~ Guided meditation on the tattva of the Yantra
~ Understanding the aspects of Sri Vidya and Upasana
~ Relevant Puranic Stories
*this is NOT an initiation into the Vidya

The session will be offered by Matrushree Smrithi Adinarayanan of Anaadi Foundation. 
Twitter: @smrithirekha @anaadifdn

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