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Learn to Chant: Kalabhairavashtakam

For removal of negativity and fears

  • Starts 28 May
  • Online

Available spots


Learn to Chant: Dates: May 28,29, 30 Time: 7.00-7.45 PM IST Link: The Kalabhairavashtakam is a Sanskrit stotra, a devotional hymn, dedicated to Kalabhairava, a powerful form of Bhagavan Shiva. This hymn is composed of eight verses that praise Kalabhairava’s qualities and describe his attributes. It is written by the Adi Shankaracharya. Kalabhairava is depicted as the god of time , guarding the temples and the city of Varanasi. He is often shown with a fierce expression, carrying a trident, a drum, and a skull in his hands, and riding a black dog. The recitation of Kalabhairavashtakam is said to remove fear, grant power, and bring spiritual upliftment. Devotees commonly recite it for protection and to seek blessings for success and overcoming obstacles. The stotra also emphasizes the philosophy of the impermanence of time and the importance of living in the present moment, underlining Kalabhairava's role as the lord of time.

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