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IKS Olympiad

  • Starts 11 Feb 2024
  • From 200 Indian rupees
  • Online

Available spots


About the IKS Olympiad India has been a cradle not only for refined civilizational best-practices but also for numerous scientific developments. Beginning from the Vedic era up until recent times, Indian thinkers, linguists and scientists have bolstered breakthroughs in numerous fields. Drawing concepts and pedagogical tools from IKS is highly relevant to aid the cognitive development of children in current times as well. School textbooks introduce children to Pythagoras, Aristotle, Euclid, Archimedes, Ptolemy, Newton, Mendeleev, Einstein and many such tall figures of science. While their contributions are invaluable, children only gain a Euro-centric narrative to development of human thought and scientific breakthroughs. The IKS Olympiad ( Level 1 to 3 ) will help children get equally acquainted with the contributions of Vedic seers, Patanjali, Vyāsa, Pāṇini, Piṅgala, Kapila, Suśruta, Caraka, Kaṇāda, Gotama, Āryabhaṭa, Vāgbhaṭa, Bhāskarācārya and many more. This IKS Olympiad is a unique opportunity for children to become introduced to Indian Knowledge Systems through foundational concepts in Ganita, Ayurveda, Astronomy and Yogic Sciences. Registred participants would get books as well as video resources. Top 5 rankers in each age segment will be rewarded. The top 20% of the rankers will receive certificates of appreciation. Key Dates, Eligibility & Fees Registrations open : 24-Nov-2023 Last Date to Register : 17-Jan-2024 Online orientation : 4-Feb-2024 Online Level-1 Exam : 11-Feb-2024 (Sunday) Online Level-2 Exam : 25-Feb-2024 (Sunday) Results Declaration : 3-March-2024 (Sunday) Eligibility: All participating children must be in the age range of 9 to 13 for Level-1 exam | The Date of Birth must be between 1-Jan-2010 & 1-Jan-2015. Registraion Fee: Rs. 1500. Covers exam fees, set of 6 books (Level 1, 2 & 3 books for Bharatiya Ganita and Integrated Indian Sciences), access to Google Classroom with training videos & sample questions. Rs. 200 . Covers exam fees Contact:

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