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Vikasa Residential Retreat


Expe­ri­en­tial and Trans­for­ma­tive Retreat

Iyvar Malai, Palani, Tamil Nadu

Dec 25–28, 2021

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The retreat will com­mence on Decem­ber 25 at 10.00 am and con­clude on Decem­ber 28 at 4.00 pm Retreat is designed to be a blend of: ~ Inspi­ra­tional Talks ~ Sus­tain­able liv­ing and Eco­log­i­cal aware­ness ~ Gose­va (Cow-care) ~ Hike and Parikra­ma of Periya Iyvar Hill ~ Yoga and Med­i­ta­tion ~ Analy­sis of real world social issues and co-cre­at­ing solu­tions ~ Self-Reflec­tion and Q & A ~ Per­son­al Jour­nal Writ­ing

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