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Retreat at SVYASA Bengaluru

March 25–27, 2022 at SVYASA, Ben­galu­ru

The immer­sive spir­i­tu­al retreat brings in an intro­spec­tive approach to one’s life through dis­cus­sions, activ­i­ties and frame­works from the Indi­an tra­di­tion. The sim­pli­fied sched­ule helps one to declut­ter the mind, rede­fine and iden­ti­fy essen­tials through the process of vive­ka. Such a process widens one’s per­spec­tive, sharp­ens the intel­lect there­by help­ing in enhanc­ing one’s effi­cien­cy and capa­bil­i­ties. The pos­i­tive rig­or of the pro­gram, we hope, will inspire the par­tic­i­pants to become vibrant peo­ple capa­ble of han­dling com­plex life sit­u­a­tions with ease and com­fort. This Yoga Dhar­ma immer­sive retreat is designed for peo­ple look­ing at enrich­ing the knowl­edge of the self and parampara.

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