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Pournami Girivalam and Pooja Services

Purn­i­ma Giri­valam / Parikra­ma and Ash­ta-dik lin­ga Puja

On every Purn­i­ma we do Giri Parikra­ma around Iyvar Malai by car­ry­ing Baba­ji’s Pal­lak with bha­jans and insights about life. This month Parikra­ma hap­pens on Jan­u­ary 6, 2023 — Fri­day, start­ing from ashram at 8 am. Around the parikra­ma path, we have con­se­crat­ed ash­ta-dik lin­gas. Wor­ship­ping each lin­gas gives spe­cif­ic ben­e­fits. Those inter­est­ed can come for­ward in par­tic­i­pat­ing in Spe­cial Archana for Ash­ta-dik Lin­ga.

Upcom­ing Pour­na­mi: Jan­u­ary, 6 — Fri­day

Agni Kriya Ser­vices

We offer Maham­ri­tyun­jay Mantra Japa and Agni Kriya ser­vices at the ashram for those who needs it. This can be availed for one­self or one’s beloved peo­ple on spe­cial occa­sions like star birth­day, wed­ding anniver­sary, etc or for gen­er­al loka san­gra­ha

Reg­is­ter for the ser­vices:

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