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Gurukulavaasam 3‑Day Camp

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Gurukulavaasam is a 3‑day res­i­den­tial pro­gram for chil­dren, their par­ents and edu­ca­tors inter­est­ed in the Guruku­lam mod­el of teach­ing and learn­ing.

Dates: Dec 30, 2022 — Jan 1, 2023

Venue: Anaa­di Foun­da­tion, Palani, Tamil Nadu

Dai­ly Sched­ule ~ Guru Puja at Dhyanalayam ~ Agni Kriya and Gau (Cow) Seva ~ Work­shops: Indi­an Maths, Indi­an Astron­o­my, Ayurve­da and San­skrit ~ Yoga Ses­sions ~ Chant­i­ng ses­sions for learn­ing shlokas ~ Inspir­ing Sto­ries from our Ithi­hasas & Puranas ~ Trek upon Ivar­malai

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