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Acharya Devo Bhava

Acharya Devo Bha­va: A res­i­den­tial fel­low­ship for IKS and Guruku­lam mod­el of Teach­ing and Learn­ing

Many young peo­ple are inspired by the Guruku­lam way of teach­ing and learn­ing but won­der where to start. This fel­low­ship is an excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ty to be in a Guruku­lam, get expo­sure to Indi­an knowl­edge sys­tems and ped­a­gog­i­cal approach­es and con­tribute to dai­ly activ­i­ties of the Guruku­lam. Anaa­di Foun­da­tion pro­vides a vibrant envi­ron­ment for accel­er­at­ed spir­i­tu­al and knowl­edge growth.

Inter­est­ed? Fill the inter­est form at

Seats lim­it­ed to 10

Ori­en­ta­tion Pro­gram on April 28 8.00 PM

~ Dates: June 2022-March 2023

~ Loca­tion: Dhar­ma Guruku­lam, Anaa­di Foun­da­tion, Near Palani, Tamil Nadu

~ Mode: Res­i­den­tial (20 days break for Diwali)

~ *Free* Board­ing and Lodg­ing

Inter­est­ed? Fill the inter­est form at

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