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Live Online Classes for Children and IKS Olympiad

Introduce your child to the rich cultural and scientific heritage of Bharat in a systematic manner supported by books and other learning resources. 

August - December 2024 | Wed and Sat | 6.00-7.00 PM | Ages 10-13

Drawing concepts and pedagogical tools from IKS is highly relevant to aid the cognitive development of children in current times as well. Knowledge from Indian Āyurveda will inspire children to naturally lead hale and healthy lives. It empowers the learners with information as well as interventions to dynamically balance one’s wellness. Indian Astronomy would help develop keen observation and visualization skills. 


Conceptual clarity arises in studying Indian mathematical constructs. Children will be empowered to see Pi as not a mere irrational number but as the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. Children will be empowered with techniques and pedagogical methods to approach math joyously. 


Rich stories from Indian Itihasas and Puranas will instill values and present vast scales of time and intricate stories that would expand the cognitive prowess of children. This curriculum aligns well with the vision of the new National Education Policy which has emphasised the merits of offering courses in IKS to learners.

Program Highlights

Children will be exposed to:

* Chanting

* Ayurveda

* Bharatiya Ganita with speed math techniques

* Science of Yoga

* Nakshatra Vidya : observational astronomy

At the end of the course children will be exposed to the foundational concepts of Indian Knowledge systems, chant sanskrit verses and integrate their learnings into daily practices. 


Total Fee: Rs. 8600

(includes Rs.1600 worth set of 6 books that will be shipped and 40 hrs of training)

If you have any query based on your prior participation in our iks programs, write to 

Olympiad Registration (to be done in Dec): Approx Rs. 200


The sessions will be offered by well-trained IKS teachers from Anaadi Foundation. Each session will be for 1 hr blended with concepts, activities and reflection making learning joyous and rigorous at the same time. 

* The program will be offered only if there are at least 10 registrations. 

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