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Bharatiya Ganita Advanced Workshopvanced Workshop

Residential a Anaadi Foundation, Iyvar Malai, Palani, Tamil Nadu

Bharatiya ganita pgm-1200-630.jpeg

Dates: 13 & 14 April 2024 

Higher-order mathematical concepts from ancient Indian mathematical texts to gain an applied understanding of the advanced breakthroughs made in Bharatiya Ganita traditions including,


At: Anaadi Foundation, Dharma Gurkulam,Iyvarmalai,Palani,Tamil Nadu.

For: Math & IKS Enthusiasts having grade 10+ knowledge in Math, Teachers, Educators, Professionals, and Students.

Context of this workshop:

One often thinks zero is India's greatest contribution to maths. In the publications and earlier workshops of Anaadi Foundation, we have delved into school-level math and Bharatiya Ganita's excellence in pedagogy and highly beneficial techniques. 

At Anaadi we have created foundational books in Bharatiya Ganita. Now, in this workshop we will foray into higher math and the ingenious novel ideas and concepts contributed by Ancient Indians.

There is indeed a treasure trove of mathematical ideas, pedagogical tools and nuanced reasoning in Indian mathematics that can certainly augment and elevate education of mathematics. One can find inspiration to overcome apprehensions towards math and go on to enjoy mastering various techniques and approaches unique to Bharatiya Ganita
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